Short Circuits

by Roosterhead

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Roosterhead's Short Circuits is the band’s exploration into writing captivating sub-minute-length songs, with a lyrical emphasis on relevant social and political commentary. The 14 songs in 12 minutes are a barrage of concise, compact statements that avoid taking even an extra second to get their points across.


released February 10, 2017


all rights reserved



Roosterhead Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: A Game of Replacement
A street of once-majestic theaters
The loving people you accrue
Even your favorite pizza parlor
Will be replaced by something new

And if you feel it can't get darker
The only thing I've found that's true
All the concerns and fears you harbor
Will be replaced by something new
Track Name: Victimless Crime
Did someone tell you
Life would be wonderful?
You could know what it means
To live your childhood dreams
Did you foresee bright, rich, and colorful?
They're bloodsuckers preying on the gullible

It's a victimless crime
Happens all the time
Byproduct of the design
But it's a victimless crime

It's a victimless crime
You really shouldn't mind
Byproduct of the design
Track Name: Now I'm Learnin'
I used to sharpen pencils
Way in back where I’d sit
But those mechanical contraptions
Always chewed them to bits
Scribbled scraps of paper
Just to pass the time
With other empty-headed clones
Off the assembly line

It’s tough discernin’
When you’re a hostage
Of their education
And propaganda
Rules the nation
My head is burnin’
‘Cause now I’m learnin’
Track Name: Code Red (A Gas Mask for George Jetson)
Get in the driver's seat
Behind an infinite line
Paranoid that we'll overheat
Long for more ignorant times?

Code Red
Burning dread
Code Red
Track Name: Apocalyptic Sightseeing
Let's head for the Hollywood sign
We'll be drenched in sweat and gasping for breath
At the peak, through the haze
We can stand and stare out forever
At a million young professionals and tourists
Who have dreams like we once had
But don't be sad
Because the city's like a ticket or a scratcher
And our number's not a matcher today

What could stop us from a trip to the beach?
We'll have a mango and a peach with territorial surfers
And bask in the glow of sunset and Japanese radiation
We'll bury our frustrations in the sand
Track Name: True Evil
Hope is alive
Justice will thrive
The power elite
Are taking a dive
Hate is rejected
Love is protected
Virtuous times
Can be resurrected
The future is rising
Tomorrow’s surprising
Boundless potential
We are realizing
Buying organic
Saving the planet
The need is urgent
If you understand it
Driving a Prius
En los Estados Unidos
Shallow divisions
Will not come between us
Mood elevated
Crisis deflated
Judgement day
Has been overstated
And then…

True evil
Smoke rises above Los Angeles like bloodletting from a wound
Evil’s all around
And I guess I spoke too soon
Track Name: Don't Fry My Mind
Snapped out of my daydream
Shocked by an abrupt scream,
"Don't fry my mind!"

Packed it up to Inglewood
Tried to do what I could just to unwind
But it's a memory murder scene
Don't fry my mind
Track Name: The Tribe
We used to plan big things
Momentum was nothing to us
With hearts to the skies we got sparks in our eyes
Beaten and bruised with dirt on our shoes
Wild and drunk on the kindness and the sweetness of life

We were young and alive
And part of the tribe
Oooh, I
Was part of the tribe
Track Name: June Gloom and the Celestial Loneliness
June Gloom descends as the moon hides from friends
Track Name: Rat Race at the End of the Rainbow
Three hundred tickets to Utopia
How many do you think you can sell?
One night at the Strip and I'll owe ya
A paid subscription to your wishing well

Rat race at the end of the rainbow
Track Name: Independent Princess [Featuring Plasmic]
She’s breaking rules and social norms
Casting off her uniform
Regicide has set her free
Of patriarch and monarchy

She’s got legs for days and they’ll smash your face
She’ll rip you to shreds with precision and grace
She’s a powerhouse in a floral blouse
She’s a hero in every resident’s house

She’s an independent princess, don’t get her upset
Independent princess, she don’t need a dress to be an
Independent princess
Track Name: Anthropomorphic Everyday Objects
Anthropomorphic everyday objects
Plastic eyes that smile at me
Projecting artificial emotion

I gradually begin to suspect
Awareness in these foreign objects
Initiate and introspect

I cracked a joke and then I broke
Metallic limbs when I awoke
I never meant to
Ever forget you
My fate was clear when I appeared
As a somber object in a lonesome mirror
But then sometimes I get sunshine
Radiating from the inside
Track Name: Attitude for Sale
If you don't bring an attitude
I know where you can buy one
Your suitcase or your headspace
Gotta widen your horizons

Welcome to my domain
I'm sorry, what's your name?
Call me an acronym, a Spanish hymn
I'll put your hometown to shame

Fake it 'til you bake it in your psyche
It's unlikely that you'll ever make a dent
Did you hear about the rent?
Hug a tree, lift your truck
Or chase that flighty, mighty buck
Like our entire government

If you don't bring an attitude
I know where you can buy one
Track Name: 25 Minutes
When the party lights flash
And you call my name
No inhibition, no restriction
No subtlety, no shame
Eyes on the wheel
This is real
The ride is rough and I'm
Gettin’ dizzy as I go

These mechanical devices
Are an unfit distraction
And your dadaist love
Is just an abstraction
I've seen rainbows all around, but
It’s too much trouble to track one down

I've spent 25 years down on my knees
Got 25 tricks up my sleeve
For 25 minutes of, 25 minutes of your love

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